Mahopac, NY

In June of 2012, my eldest son attended a birthday party at Gallimods Hobby Shop & Raceway.  Before this party, I did not even know this place existed.  But my son loved it, and its a great place to spend some time.

The hobby shop is chock full of remote control cars, helicpoters and planes; rockets; trains; pellet guns; and other assorted toys (for both kids and adults).  Most of the items are specialized items you would necessarily find in a big box store like Walmart.  And you tell by the conversations you overhear that the customers are pretty well-versed in their respective hobbies. 

In the room next door is an indoor slot-car ractrack.  The boys at the party LOVED it, and it held there interest way longer than I would have guessed.  Each racer gets to try each car and track number, so you don’t have to worry about one kid getting the ‘lucky’ car, to the chagrine of the other kids.


Outside the back door is a dirt track for remote control cars.  Gallimods holds races on a regular basis.  The track is right next to the bikepath that stretches from Brewster down into Westchester, so one option is to make this a place to stop and take a break next time your cycling.

The other option is to do what I plan.  Gallimods charges $5 for 15 minutes of slot-car track time (or $15 for an hour) so I will use a top at Gallimods as a way to bribe my kids next time we need to take a road trip to this section of the county.

On the way home from our visit, we stopped at the Putnam County Historical Marker at the corner of Route 118 and 6, then stopped at the September 11th Memorial Gate at the Mahopac Firehouse, then hit the Early Catholic Church Historical Marker at the corner of Route 6 and Lake Casse Rd.

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