Kent, NY

On Gypsy Trail Road in Kent. If you are traveling north on Gypsy Trail Road, the cemetery is just after the Fire Training Center entrance, on the left hand side of the road.  There is a chain link fence around the cemetery, and a sign that says “County Home Cemetery”.

The area that is now the Putnam County Veterans Park was at one point in time the county “Poor House”.  The residents who died were buried in this cemetery.  Sadly, most of the graves have no names, only numbers – including a number of Veterans.

This cemetery was restored by David Schoenberg of Mahopac’s Boy Scout Troop 1 in 1980 as part of his Eagle Scout project.

The website has more info on the cemetery, including a link to a diagram of the cemetery and a list (with some details) of the cemetery’s residents.

Most of the photos below were taken by Stacey Ford, who may one day be a world-renowned photographer and her prints worth tens of thousands of dollars.  You can say you saw the photos ‘way back when’.  Thanks to Stacey, because my camera/phone was dead that day!

Sources: 10/22/2012

-Personal visit 10/21/2012

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