C.V. Starr School is on Farm-to-Market Road in Southeast.  It can be a bit confusing because the Henry H. Wells Middle School and C.V. Starr, though they are two different schools, are attached.  Back behind the school is a play area that includes swings, basketball courts, picnic tables and open play areas.

A new playground section was added at C.V. Starr Intermediate School in the summer of 2012 because the third grade students moved from JFK Elementary to C.V. Starr when the Garden Street School in downtown Brewster was closed.   The Brewster Education Foundation paid for a good portion of the bill, along with money raised through the Box Tops for Education program.  There are plans to expand the playground when funding becomes available.



-The C.V. Starr News.  September 2012

-Personal visit 09/02/12.