My father spent some youthful summers on a farm in Guilford, NY.  So for Father’s Day 2012, three generations of us went for a roadtrip to see his old stomping grounds.  Guilford is about 3 to 3-1/2 hours away from Putnam County.  Get there by heading west on Route 84, then take Route 17 for 52 miles to Exit 94.  Take Route 206 for about 40 miles, then turn right onto Route 8 and go 8 miles.  Make a left onto Route 35 and go about 6 miles into the center of Guilford.

Guilford is a small town with farming roots.  There are 22 cemeteries within the town’s borders.  You can find some info on The Guilford Historical Society’s facebook page at and website at

We spent some time walking around town and hit a few yard sales, then took the kids to the playground at the local elementary school.  There is a picturesque local swimming hole for the town residents, and a number of other outdoor attractions.

We also spent some time in Norwich, which is a bit north-northwest.  The downtown are has some beautiful old buildings.  Look for a page with pics soon.