Danbury, IMAG3372CT

SYNOPSIS: Just over the CT border, Farrington Woods is a 192 acre open space that has great (off-road) biking trails, a pond for fishing, canoeing or kayaking (no swimming, though), some old ruins, and plenty of trails and old roads to hike.  It’s western border is the state line, so its really close to Putnam County.

APPROXIMATE TIME: At 192 acres, you could make your visit as short (or long) as you want it.  Our visit was about 90 minutes.

DIFFICULTLY: Depends on the trail.  Some steady uphill climbs.

DIRECTIONS:  If you are traveling east on Route 84, get off at Exit 1 just inside Connecticut.  Turn left at the end of the ramp, then turn left again onto Route 6 (Mill Plain Rd).  Immediately after turning, make a right over the small bridge.  (It may feel a little as is you are turning into someone’s driveway.) Follow the signs to the parking area.  If you are travelling local, head east on Route 6, and make a left over the small bridge the is immediately before the traffic light for Exit 1.IMAG3373

THE HIKE/VISIT: We did a short out-and-back hike, taking the ‘white’ trail to the ‘red’ trail.  We turned around at the crest of a large hill.  We saw quite a few mountain bikers while we were there, and we definitely plan on gong back to explore more.

HISTORY:  The city of Danbury bought the property in 2010 for $1.6 million, considering it a “gateway” property to someone visiting the city, and as a way to provide recreational opportunities to residents and guest.  Sanford Pond is the headwaters of the Still River.

MAP & ADDITIONAL INFO: Click below in the map.  You can also find a current version on the http://www.danbury-ct.gov/ website. The Fairfield County Chapter of the New England Mountain Biking Association also has info at http://www.fcnemba.org/






































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