Patterson (Putnam Lake), NY

At the intersection of Haviland Drive and Fairfield Drive sits the Putnam Lake Firehouse.  If you stand in front of the firehouse, facing the building, there is a monument at the back of the parking lot on the right side of the building.  Follow the two or three steps up the hill to a landscaped area that has a good-sized stone with a plaque on it.  The plaque has a poem called “A Fireman’s Prayer”.

My youngest son and I stopped by there one day when were meeting someone to show us some local history, as well as provide us some info on the possbility that there are caves somewhere in Put Lake.  Carefully dodging traffic, we crossed the road onto the island in the interesection to get a closer look at the Putnam Lake War Memorial.  Then, of course, we took a drive up Haviland Drive to give the kids some time on the playground at the H Ted Baumann Club Court Park.

Across the street and just down the road are the Memorial Field baseball fields.