Southeast, NY

Now in front of VFW Post 672 on Peaceable Hill Road, this monument was originally located at the intersection of Deans Corner Road and Route 22 (the VFW Post used to be located there, too).  It sat in what is now the middle of Route 22.

This 3 ton moument is a ‘core bit’ that was acquired in 1939 when NYC was drilling for the reservoir system.  It came from shaft #13 of the New York City Aqueduct system, brought up from 295 feet below the earth’s surface.  It is 48 inches in diameter and weighs 7,140lbs.

According to a Brewster Standard article from October 9, 1947, a New York Telephone crew cleared the spot that the monument stood on.  It was set to be unveiled later that year on November 11th – Veterans Day, then still called Armistice Day. Harold L. Jackson was the chairman of the Monument Erection Committee.

It was moved circa 1987 when Route 22 was rerouted.  It now sits in front of the VFW’s Post at 262 Peaceable Hill Road.  The plaque reads, “Erected in honor of the Overseas Veterans from the Town of Southeast.  Putnam County N.Y.  2 June 1940.  Brewster Post #672 Veterans of Foreign Wars.”

Note:  If you are astute, you may have noticed that certain dates don’t seem to make sense – namely, the article is from 1947, but the date on the monument is 1940.  As of May 2012, the reason for inconsistency is unclear, but hopefully more research will yield results.  All the more reason to visit this webpage again in the future!

The Overseas Veterans Monument at its present (2012) location in front of Brewster VFW Post 672.

The Overseas Veterans Monument at its location near Deans Corners Rd & Route 22.