Southeast, NY

This cemetery is also known as the Brush Family Ground.  The cemetery can be found just off Route 6, on Brush Hollow Rd, near the intersection of Route 6 and Dingle Ridge Road.

Civil War Veteran Francis Brush is buried here.  Look for the larger stones near the center of the cemetery.  If I remember correctly, he was injured in action, and died 11 days later.  (Read the headstone.)

According to records from the Bob Palmer Project, a War of 1812 Veteran named Platt V. Brush is buried in Brush Hollow as well, but I have been unable to located his gravemarker.

Interestingly, there is a gravesite OUTSIDE the cemtery.  It is on private property (as of 2012 owned by the Spear Agency) so I suggest getting their permission.  To find the grave, go to the highest elevation corner of the cemtery.  Looking towards the direction of Brewster Village, climb over the wall and walk about 15 feet and there is a goverment-issued footstone (It is an inground stone hidden in the ground-cover.  You won’t see it until you are very close.)  It is the burial site of the ashes of Nicholas Barbour, who lived into his late 90’s and was a veteran of the Cuban War of Pacification.  Nicholas was married to Madeline Barbour, who attended Brewster High School and went on the be a real estate broker.  The building just west of the cemetery was the real estate office.   Nicholas had a son, David Barbour, from a previous marriage.  David was a musician who played in Benny Goodman’s band, and was married to the singer Peggy Lee.