Kent, NY

Ballard Burying Ground is on North Horsepound Road in the town of Kent.  It is the cemetery across the street, and a little further north, than the church on Horsepound.  The cemetery next to the church is a separate cemetery, called 2nd Kent Baptist Church Graveyard.

The cemetery sits on a hillside.  The engraved initial of “A.B.” on the stone to the left of the entrance gate have a date of 1880.  One of the headstones has a clock embedded in the headstone, which itself looks like it was home made.

At the south end of the burying ground is an old shack that is listing heavily to one side – it is actually pretty cool.

Across the street, starting approximately where the north boundary of Ballard Burying Ground and heading north, is the Dorothy & Gerald Hick Preserve, owned by the Putnam County Land Trust.

To get to Ballard Burying Ground, get off exit 17 from Route 84.  Head west a short distance, and make a left at the T-intersection to get on Route 52.  Make an immediate right onto North Horsepound Road.  The road will curve around to the left, then straighten out.  The cemetery will be on the right.  There is a grassy patch in front of the cemetery where you can pull off the road, but be careful because you will most likely be partially on the road, and people drive pretty fast.


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