Vista, NY

If you find yourself passing through Lewisboro in northern Westchester, consider taking a short detour to the Love Preserve.  At 2/10th of a mile is it a short walk, but in the winter you can catch a glimpse of the bright green moss peeking through the snow when it is melting.  The contrasting white and green, combined with the bright, low-hanging winter sun make for a beautiful, peaceful sight.

We visited Love Preserve about a year ago.  We had just finished a hike through the nearby Leon-Levy Preserve and had a few minutes to explore.  The 11 acre Love Preserve seemed to fit the bill.

From Route 35 in Westchester, just a short distance from the Connecticut border, head south on Route 123 for 3.8 miles.  Just after the shopping center in Vista, turn right onto West Road.  The preserve is 2/10th of a mile down the road on the right hand side.  Parking is on the left side of the road, though the amount of snow we have had recently may make parking a bit challenging.  There is a preserve sign where a small stream flows under the road.

As you stand on the road facing the preserve sign, the trail we followed was to the left, close to the property line for the residence next door.  The path begins by cutting through low brush that is mostly sticker bushes, then follows over a strip of land that separates two wetlands areas.  The pool on the left probably dries up at least part of the year, but the aforementioned stream feeds the wetlands on the right, so it has a constant water supply.

Once over the land-bridge, the trail climbs a low ridgeline – well, a bump really.  The ridge dips where the stream cuts through it.

The trail sort of peters out once you get over the ridge.  There is a nice view of a larger wetlands on the other side, and it was here that I was able to get that great winter-sun-soaked view of the moss clumps dotting through the snow.

Just over the stream there are some small rock formations and a patch of mountain laurel that give this section a very intimate feel.  If we had packed a snack, this is where we would have stopped to eat.

Love Preserve is a short, easy hike.  We spent maybe 20 to 25 minutes exploring.  It is a nice add-on to hiking one of the other many preserves in the immediate area.  The Town of Lewisboro has at least 20 preserves and parks within its borders, and if you visit their website at, check out the Walking Wild link for a great map.  The Love Preserve is owned by the Westchester Land Trust.  It was donated to them by William K. Love in 2000.  Their website is and their phone number is 914/241-6346.

Head back the way you came in, hop in your car, and head off to your next adventure!