One Friday evening I took my kids over the New Fairfield Town Park.  On the way back, we stopped at a small preserve on Ball Pond that took only a few minutes to walk, but has some nice views of the water.

From Route 22 in Southeast, we took Doansburg Road heading east.  Past Green Chimneys, make a right onto Route 67/Fairfield Road and go 1.7 miles.  Turn left onto Route 39/Ball Pond Road, heading north, and go .9 miles.  Turn right onto Ball Pond Road East and go .2 miles.  When you get to the intersection of Weldon Woods Road, there is a small pull-off area on Weldon Woods Road.

You will see the sign for the preserve across the street, with the pond behind the sign.  Be careful crossing the road, because some people seem to think this road is a race track.

The trail is basically a small oval.  There are a few offshoots that offer a better view of the water – one is a gravel/sand beach with an access road, and another is at the northermost edge of the property and has a neat view of the pond, with a flagpole on a dock in the midground.

Our walk took us all of 10 minutes, but my kids enjoyed it – especially after they had just spent an hour at the local playground.